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“Euro news” report 2002-11-29.

This problem was further exacerbated by and in all countries the World.

Materials and research methods

Initially, the experimental search was undertaken for obtain one of the tests early diagnosis of cancer with the probability of detecting changes in metabolism, characteristic of this disease, that in turn will help to clarify the cause of its occurrence in the organism.

In order to identify features in the metabolism of healthy and diseased organisms, as extremely weakened condition of the latter was adopted by the spontaneous and carcinogen-induced cancer, hereditary predisposition to him, and other illness.

In the experiments, were used: laboratory and wild mice, rats and more 20 species mammals at the zoo, as well as people of different ages, gender, and athletes.

Calculation of speed of metabolic processes was carried out by means of the attitude between quantity mcg of the general nitrogen, parallel with the amino acids (in daily urine) and weight of an organism in grams: mcg / gr. of body weight.

These indicators reflect the level that is the rate of protein metabolism that is associated with other forms of exchange in the organisms, along with changes its immune, nervous, cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine systems, and so on.

Research results and discussion

The success has brought one of many experiments, allowed to reveal long-awaited distinction. This difference consisted in the of quantity free amino acids which are present in the daily urine of individual organisms. In a consequence, correlation between change of the given parameter and quantity of the general nitrogen in daily urine has been tracked. Together they represent a level that is the rate of metabolism of nitrogen or protein, where higher settings belong to healthy, low - sick organisms.

The experts involved in cultivation of laboratory animals with surprise have apprehended the found out fact.

Perhaps by mistake, whether as humor, but happens so, that instead of healthy animals, workers vivarium have given out three groups of linear mice of the same color, a floor and age for the further researches. In these mice at two monthly age had predisposition 100 % to a cancer of a mammary gland, lungs and the blood, enshrined in the offspring by inbreeding for decades and hundreds of generations (typically, the tumor in mice occurs after the year). During registration and comparison of levels of a metabolism at mice, to surprise of the experts, the mistake has been easily detected. And that the low level of a metabolism is found out not only in parents at presence of tumors, but also at their absence at children at young age is very important.

The successful beginning of researches was interrupted with unique experiment.

It has appeared, that the found out distinction in levels is property not only oncological, but also other illnesses.

In the jungles of an uncharted path of an artifact has caused in the researcher a panic, disappointment and a shock simultaneously.

Exit out of the impasse was visible only through the upcoming confirmation of a new hypothesis in the unity of a set of the previous assumptions. In particular, it was necessary to prove, that the found out criterion is universal for various illnesses. But for a substantiation of the given hypothesis it was necessary to be convinced of absolutely opposite circumstance of things, namely that high levels of a metabolism belong to wild animals which constantly undergo natural selection. Перейти на страницу: 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12