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Способ предотвращения болезней в потомстве людей и животных

The indissolubility contradictory forms of being, which was discovered experimentally, radically changes representation about development and preservation of the nature, because the set of known facts confirming the presence in the nature of the phenomena of preservation and development, by mistake, that is, in the absence of justification, have been erected by science, to the rank of isolated and therefore distort the reality of the laws.

Keywords: criterion of health or viability of organisms, control levels of viability parents before conceiving children, prevention of disease in the offspring of humans

and animals.


It is known, that an infinite variety of organisms survived and prospered during many billions years in absence of modern ways of diagnostics and treatment of illnesses.

Moreover, this process proceeded steadily in the absence of substantiation of nature conservation in isolation from development in accordance with the laws, which were then invented in the science.

Very good, that in ancient times there was no need to prove the conservation of nature in isolation from the development in accordance with complete distortion of worldview and the reality in modern science.

And, because:

- In three separated laws of philosophy cannot be and really there is no concrete formulation about development of the nature;

- And about its preservation cannot be and really there is no concrete formulation in three separated laws, introductions or the beginnings of all beginnings of thermodynamics;

- Also as well as in three laws of dynamics;

Modern representation about of being resembles, more an earlier worldview, in conformity with which the World stood on three whales, three elephants and a turtle!

Time has shown that we cannot get rid separately from parasitic, bacterial, viral, immune, allergic, nervous, mental, cardiovascular, oncology, endocrine, etc. disease.

Attempt, undertaken in science for the purpose to prevent the individual variants of Pathology among its infinite diverse of manifestations, - unavoidably gave birth to the unrealizable for the financing branched profile of scientific establishments, where specialists work a specific profile:

cardiologists, TB doctors, pulmonologists, ophthalmologists, helminthological, pathologists, transplant, gastroenterologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, physiologists, pathophysiology, trauma, hematologists, immunologists, endocrinologists, bacteriology, virology, neurosurgeons, dentists, obstetricians, biochemists, biophysics, pharmacists, astrologers, psychologists, geneticists, otolaryngologists, and so on.

In particular, the penultimate seems that they lack only a few nanometers, with the purpose to deepen into the structure of chromosomes, genes, its molecules and atoms, to understand the cause of this the problem.

If you dig deeper into the structure of DNA, even in the presence of one disease is present so many violations that genetics would not be able to load them into the railroad car and small truck.

I cannot imagine to what extent a person must be stupid to find and see all this?

And as a former locomotive machinist with a steam engine, I know such loud and unpleasant knock the metal, broken boxes of eggs, blended with fragments ragged serpentine spirals, like DNA, along with bottles and snacks, in the case of unsuccessful docking of large wagons. Перейти на страницу: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12