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Способ предотвращения болезней в потомстве людей и животных


In the study of metabolism in mammals, discovered the criterion of health, under which performs the action: natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms, and also an interdiction and realization of infinite variants of pathology.

On the example of the variability of levels of metabolism, which reflect the degree of health or viability of the organisms was traced the interconnection of such phenomena as: the preservation and development, space and time, the universal and particular, the potential and kinetic, denial and assertion (that is, synthesis and destruction, integration and disintegration), and so on.

In nature, there is the relationship and such phenomena as:

Finite and infinite;

Discontinuous and continuous;

Centrifugal and centripetal;

Ideal and real;

The divine and the diabolical;

The holy and the sinful;

Spin and invariance;

Charm and strangeness;

"Independent" from the policy newspaper;

Or, new covenants, which come to replace outdated light.

This means that in nature no other manifestation, except contradictory and therefore consisting in causal link t levels of exchange interaction, of energy, that is, forms of movement!

Disclosing of secret of natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms has specified interrelation between preservation and development of the nature, and in particular, between a quantitative constancy of individuals and the qualitative variability which is directed aside their perfection.

The indissolubility contradictory forms of being, which was discovered experimentally, radically changes representation about development and preservation of the nature.

In accordance with the set of known facts in science, it was established presence in the nature of the phenomena of conservation and development. However, as revealed in the present study, these phenomena are in error, that is, in absence of justification were raised to the rank independent of each other's laws that distort reality.

Thus the, was found a causal link, which is the basis of self-motion contradictory forms of being or natural phenomena. It means that the nature cannot undergo development without preservation, as well as preservation without development at any level of the organization. In it testify the levels of a metabolism that belong the concrete form of organisms.

Owing to misunderstanding mutual conditionality of things, philosophers by means of fiction have erected preservation and development of the nature above a variety integrated, and equal in significance opposite forms of movement. This circumstance of things promoted occurrence of the "basic" question in philosophy "about the superiority: the being - above a consciousness and, on the contrary". Incorrectly formulated question not only has perverted interrelation of ideal and real in the process of knowledge, but also has generated one-sidedly-ugly and consequently irreconcilable idealists and materialists.

This discovery contains a new worldview in the natural sciences, health, veterinary and medicine, philosophy and science in general.

As for my opinion on the policy regarding the World Health Organization, I propose to establish an International Center for Prevention of Illnesses in Progeny of humans and animals, because control of viability, is an inevitable necessity for survival and further development of mankind in the unity of organisms of the environment. Перейти на страницу: 6 7 8 9 10 11 12